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About Shuja Humayun

I’m a Bengaluru-based Web designer/ Digital Marketer. I work with Entrepreneurs, Startups, and small business owners on everything from Web design to Online Marketing - SEO and FB Ads

Web design

My Story

In 2020, I jumped into a role as a web designer for a small business and it quickly became an obsession. The world of web design brings together many core skills and practices from my previous work in marketing, digital strategy, and design. 


- Creativity: I think outside the box to create something new and inspiring.
- Collaboration: I believe in working together to achieve big things.
- Listening: I prioritize listening to our clients to deliver the best possible results.
- Learning: I ask questions to discover things we don't know.
- Innovation: I am always looking for new and innovative ways to improve my services.

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