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About Me

I’m a Bengaluru-based Web designer, Digital Marketer & Content creator. I work with online entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners on everything from Web design, Online Marketing to SEO. 

In 2020, I jumped into a role as a web designer for a small business and it quickly became an obsession. The world of web design brings together many core skills and practices from my previous work in marketing, digital strategy, and design. 

Shuja Humayun | Hire a Wix designer
Shuja Humayun

Get to Know Me..

  • Problem Solver

  • Music Addict

  • Coffee, always

  • Adventure freak

  • Sci-fi Enthusiast

  • Figuring out where I fit in the Business world

  • Currently learning: Facebook Ad's,  Blog writing, Product Marketing, E-commere..

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